Driving your Billing Efficiency through the Roof


Thinking of replacing your current billing system? If you are not happy, or you are not getting what you need from it, consider replacing your existing system with the award winning Tabs3 Billing. Tabs3 may well be the grand daddy of Time/Billing systems. Approved by the ABA in the early 1980's, Tabs3 has consistently garnered awards from various industry groups.

* Timers help you track time as you go, and then turn billable hours into fees that will appear on the client’s next statement. Use the timer or use the simple time entry screen. Track hours worked and hours to bill, and use task-based electronic billing in formats such as LEDES (Tabs3 Taskbill required). Tabs 3 gives you virtually unlimited billing rate flexibility.  Upgrade to Platinum to securely enter your time, see your calendar, and review any matter while you are away using a SmartPhone, iPad, or any PC with an internet connection.

* Tabs3 gives you virtually unlimited billing rate flexibility. Use attorneys’ standard rate, bill by timekeeper level (partner, associate, etc.), or create custom rates for any timekeeper for any client. You can also use contingency, split fee, flat fee, retainer, progress, and electronic task based billing.

* Print statements and email them as PDFs. Email statements one at a time or in batches, and password protect statements for high-profile clients. Print draft statements and track which ones are still under internal review. Accept credit cards and include a credit card remittance form on a bill to get paid faster. Click on any transaction on a bill to edit or update it. 

* Built in reports clearly show where the Firm is spending time, who is being productive and who is not, which cases are profitable and which are not.

* The Tabs3Connect add on lets you create time and expense entries anywhere and on any device where you have an Internet connection.

* Tabs3 is the only stand alone time/billing system with add-on modules for general ledger, trust accounting and accounts payable with check writing.

* Tabs3 integrates with Practice Master to give a single source solution that addresses the front office and back office needs of law firms from sole practitioners up to 100+ attorney firms.

Tabs3 is the ONLY software company that understands that every law firm has different software needs and payment preferences, and that's why they are the ONLY on-premises software company to offer two ways to buy: an upfront license fee or a monthly subscription plan.

Call or email me for further information on Tabs3 billing, or go to their website:  www.tabs3.com.  My initial consultations are ALWAYS at no charge to the firm.

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