Driving Your Practice Management through the Roof


Certified Reseller and Consultant - Member of the Exclusive President's Circle - 2016 and 2017 - PracticeMaster Reseller of the year 2015

Practice Master gives you all the tools you need to know what is going on with every matter in your firm. Document assembly works with both Microsoft Office AND WordPerfect. The document management function will automatically name your documents AND place them in the correct folder according to criteria specified firm wide, and the associated document management records let you keep notes about the thought process behind the document. PracticeMaster toolbar plug-ins allow you to save documents in Word, Excel®, or Adobe® Acrobat Reader as Document Management Records.

Your Matters Have Never Been This Organized - The Matter Manager shows client information and a timeline of activity for any matter – emails, documents, fees, appointments, costs, research notes, and more. Pull up a billing summary to quickly see what’s been billed, paid, and the balance of the client’s trust account.

A Calendar Designed for Attorneys - View appointments by day, week, or month for everyone in your office with a firm-wide calendar. Find appointments fast by color-coding them by staff member or type of activity. Drag and drop to easily reschedule events. Integrates with Outlook®. Matter centric firm wide and individual calendars keep everyone informed of deadlines and activities. Rule based calendaring standardizes your procedures, while automated workflows can pre-program activities based on what occurs on a current event.

Screen and database customization -  lets you tailor the software to reflect YOUR practice. PracticeMaster can be customized to suit ANY practice. Coupled with easy to crewate reports and document assembly, you can have a seriously productive and valuable practice management system. 

Integration with Outlook -  for email, contacts and calendar keeps everything in sync. And matter centric email filing means that everyone assigned to a matter has access to ALL relevant emails whether they were cc' d on them on not.

Better Conflict of Interest Searches - Instantly see possible conflicts of interest. Click on any conflict to see all of the details. Search partial words and phonetically. 

If you want to master your practice, you need Practice Master.