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In addition to our billing, practice management, accounting software sales and seminar programs, Donald J. Coker is available for speaking engagements. His over 34 years as a technology expert in law firms brings him a depth of knowledge that few posess. His talks are educational and humerous, and always in plain English.

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TABS3 was one of the original billing systems for the Legal market. Founded in 1979, TABS3 has evolved to be the leading Billing and Accounting system in the nation for small to mid sized firms. Not only do they provide the Law Office with one of the best billing and accounting systems available, they rely on their network of consultants to help make their products work to its highest and best use.
   TABS3 is an easy to use and reliable billing software that helps you get your bills out faster and increase your productivity. Tabs3 Billing Software fully integrates with PracticeMaster (Calendar and Case Management), Tabs3 General Ledger, Tabs3 Trust Accounting, Tabs3 Accounts Payable, and most hand held devices like BlackBerry, Palm, etc.
* TABS3 makes it simple for every timekeeper to enter their time directly into their computer. No more writing it down (or forgetting to), having to recreate your time entries at month end, having trouble editing draft bills, and this results in increased time recovery and increased income to the attorney. It is not at all unusual to get up to 15-20% more billable time recovered by using the simple data entry screen.
* Being able to get your bills out the door in a short period of time after the close of the month will produce quicker payments and better client satisfaction.
* Formattable bills give you the flexibility to meet client demands.
* Reporting is easy and valuable. Know what everyone is doing for billing, accounts receivable, productivity, work in process and every other aspect of the billing process.

     PracticeMaster Practice Management Software                             
   * Tabs3 and PracticeMaster share clients, fees, costs, users, timekeepers, codes and security settings.
* Saves you tedious duplication of effort that you get when using billing and practice management software from different companies. No more using Outlook for your calendar and email, Quickbooks for your accounting and some billing system for time accounting and billing - TABS rolls it all into one.
* Move between PracticeMaster to Tabs3 and back again with one click of your mouse.
* Time that you record in PracticeMaster is easily converted to a fee record that is automatically recorded in Tabs3.
* Automatically assemble documents in one-tenth the time. Automated document assembly is the key to vastly increased productivity in your practice.
* PracticeMaster becomes your calendar and has full customization capabilities to suit your specific needs.
* Practice Master is your Practice Management system that lets you manage your workload more closely.

Tabs3 General Ledger                                                                                                      Logos/tabs3-gls-black.jpg
* Costs, payments and fees that you enter in Tabs3 Billing Software are automatically entered into Tabs3 General Ledger Software.
* Changes and deletions to costs and payments that you make in Tabs3 Billing Software are recorded in Tabs3 General Ledger Software.
* Payment refunds and reversals are passed along to Tabs3 General Ledger Software.
* Write-ups and write-downs of costs are automatically entered to Tabs3 General Ledger Software.
* Your TABS General Ledger will produce all your financial reports, including Income and Expenses, Profit and Loss Statements, and many many others.

Tabs3 Accounts Payable                                                                                                       Logos/tabs3-aps-black.jpg
* Cut all your checks in the Accounts Payable module and enjoy accurate and timely reporting on your cash position, vendor payments, invoices, etc.
* Charges recorded in Tabs3 Accounts Payable are charged to the appropriate client in Tabs3 Billing Software.
* Changes and deletions to unpaid Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software invoices can be easily made in Tabs3 Billings Software at the same time.

Tabs3 Trust Accounting                                                                                                      Logos/tabs3-tas-black.jpg
* The Trust Accounting module is easy to use and keeps everything straight - no worries about your Trust Account any longer.
* Trust account balances appear on work-in-process reports in Tabs3 Billing Software.
* Trust transactions and balances can appear on Tabs3 Billing Software statements.
* Payments to your firm recorded in Tabs3 Trust Accounting are automatically shown as payments to your firm in Tabs3 Billing Software.

   In summary, TABS3 and PracticeMaster gives you the single entry case management, billing and accounting system that makes the office far more efficient and productive. It is a good choice for most small to mid sized Law Firms. We are proud to be a TABS3 Authorized Reseller and Certified Consultants for TABS3. We attend their annual consultant seminars in Lincoln, NE to stay on top of the new features and capabilities of the program. STI has probably the best tech support in the business (no calls to Bangladesh or India here) and rarely do they not answer the phone immediately. Let us know and we would be glad to get you an evaluation CD at no charge. It will be well worth your time and effort to do so. 

   Send us an email or call for further information and pricing on the TABS3 family of products.