Driving Billing Efficiency through the Roof


If you are not happy with your current billing system, or you are not getting what you need from it, a billing systems audit may be the best way to improve everything.

This audit reviews all the parts of your billing system starting with the firm's goals and management reporting requirements. That defines where you are and where you want to go.  Knowing where you want to go is the basic foundation of the analysis. Then we look at how you get there. 

We analyze the how people track their time (or don't), the degree of the participation of all timekeepers, review the feedback given to timekeepers, the process for capturing client costs, creating and editing draft bills, methods for sending final bills, crucial management reports needed and how you will produce reports, metrics for measuring performance, and accounts receivable management.

After the initial analysis, a preliminary report is issued to the firm to present the findings. Any changes to the goals, etc. will be made at this point. The firm will then sign off on the preliminary report, and a final report with specific recommendations will be drafted for the management of the firm.

This final report with recommendations will detail each step how to improve the process, hold timekeepers accountable, and get the information you need to effectively manage your billing and accounts receivable process.