Driving Efficiency through the Roof



Founded in 1982, Donald J. Coker, Professional Association concentrates on helping small to mid sized Law Firms become more organized, more productive and more profitable. We realized early on that working on a smaller scale suited our personalities, and that's where we decided to put our energy. Also, it's great to be able to help new or small to mid sized Law Firms grow. It's like being in on the ground floor of something special, time and time again. And for me personally, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing the work we do together produce increased profitability and better organization.



For over 34 years, my practice has been a reseller and consultants/trainers for many of the most popular billing, practice management and email/document management software systems for small to mid sized Law firms. WE WORK ONLY WITH LAW FIRMS, and thus understand the importance and function of the practice management, calendaring, billing, and accounting side of a Law Practice. With the advent of practice management systems, we also know the vital importance of email/document management. Properly choosing and using legal specific software is the SINGLE best way to improve your organization and profits, to get your practice under control and to make your professional life more organized and far easier.

It is not at all uncommon to increase billables by some 10-15% and increase collections by a like amount. How? By implementing a system that tracks billable time easily; creates bills easily, quickly, and accurately, and allows the simple management of receivables. Simple to use timekeeping gives your firm the ability to prepare and send bills to clients faster and at regular intervals. Additionally, if you integrate your Billing, Accounting, and Practice Management systems, you will recover even MORE time and expenses. You will keep your Trust Accounts accurate and under control. You will keep your retainers accurate and under control.

Practice Management Systems allow you to have an "electronic file" for each of your matters. You can add notes to the file, link your emails, scanned images, and documents to the file, link parties to the file, and generally know everything there is to know without actually touching the physical file itself. While I do not believe we will ever see the "paperless" Law Office, I believe we can move towards a paper LESS Law office.

Email and document management allows you to find any email or any document easily and quickly - regardless of where they reside on your server. Find them by author, by client, by subject, by document type, by key word(s) or many other ways. This software forces the firm to be consistent in its document and email naming and saving structures, thus bringing organization and huge benefits to this function.

I lecture at Law Schools, and have had over 100 articles published, including National Law Journal, Law office Technology, Massachusetts Lawyer's Weekly, and most recently TechnoLawyer, the leading on line Legal Technology publication. As one of the senior members of the Law Office Consulting community, I have seen what works and what doesn't. I urge you to take advantage of my extensive experience and do an initial consultation.....always at NO CHARGE.